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    Problem with non-ansi characters getting escaping recursively



      I have many links on my page like the following one:

        <f:param name="#{keyname}" value="#{keyword}y"/>
        <h:graphicImage value="key_y.png"/>

      This works all well until there are german umlaute in keyword like äöü. Then this special chars get escaped on every request that I make.

      After 5 hits, my URL looks something like that:


      This is the generated html source code for the next link:


      And this I the text that shows up, when I use <h:outputText escape="false" value="#{keyword}"/>:


      So, can someone please tell me, who is escaping the characters (s:link, f:param, firefox/ie, jboss as, any other suspect?) and how I can stop this behaviour or what to try else?

      Any help would be great, thanks, Peter

      PS: If I type käse in the url-bar by hand, the outputText shows käse and the page searches for words with käse in it, so this works correctly. Only the generation of new links is afflicted by this problem.