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    Securing the WebServices

    Srinivasan N. Raguraman Newbie

      I am using POJO based web services, I would like to use the pages.xml for restricting access to certain specific URLs.

      As the seam documentation mentions that view-id in the pages.xml need not to be a faces request, it can be any GET request. I assume the restrictions I place in the pages.xml will be applied.

      But the restriction, or any actions that I specify in the pages.xml is never invoked.

      I applied the ContextFilter to that path /services/* in where context my webservices are exposed under.

      it initializes all the seam components and the context, but it doesn't  invoke the action I specified in the pages.xml

      I am not sure this is the right way to do it, please advice if you have done this before.