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    s:link and s:button are preloading beans in wrong context

    P Boevink Newbie

      When using e.g.
      <s:link view="userEdit.xhtml"/> or <s:button view="userEdit.xhtml"/> it seams that the userEdit.xhtml (and possibly userEdit.page.xhtml) are 'preloaded'.

      This causes undesired behaviour (for me) since I've no control over the conversation scope a bean should be loaded in.
      I wanted my 'userHome' bean to be loaded in a 'NESTED' conversation when entering the userEdit.xhtml, but since userEdit.xhtml is somehow preloaded, the 'userHome' bean is loaded already in the 'parent' conversation before even creating the nested conversation.

      I've analysed this simply with the debug.seam page and saw the userHome bean being created when using only the <s:link view="userEdit.xhtml"/> or <s:button view="userEdit.xhtml"/> tags. After editting the view parameter to an invlaid page url, the bean was not loaded in the conversation scope.

      Is this behaviour by design? Or should this issue be added to JIRA?
      If it is by design, how to solve this?