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    WebRemoting and Context

    Brom bie Newbie

      Hi all,

      Does anyone know how to avoid LazyInitializationException when sending Entities back through Seam Web Remoting?

      In my use case, I have a SLSB with WebRemote-able methods and a typical object graph.  Like this:

      public interface HouseAction {
          @WebRemote public House geHouse(long houseId)

      The house entity object itself has one-to-many with Room objects.  All getters in House and Room object are WebRemote-able

      This method below returns a LazyInitializationException when called from Web Remoting since the Rooms haven't been initialized yet and there wasn't any sessions to do it:

      public House getHouse(long houseId) {
          House house= em.find(House.class, houseId);
          return House

      What would be the proper way to avoid this?   Is a conversation scope required to accomplish this?  If yes, where should it begin and end?  

      Thanks for all your help!