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    Where can I submit bugs to the seam-gen

    David Cloutier Newbie

      I just wanted to know where I could submit bugs to the seam generate-entities?

      I've been trying it out on one of our legacy databases and I got the following problems.

      1. A table is called ENTITY so seam-gen creates a model class called Entity which comes into conflict with the hiberate annotation Entity.

      2. If I have two tables TABLE_ONE and TABLE_ONE_LIST saem-gen creates two model classes TableOne and TableOneList and also creates four session ejb classes, two of which are called: TableOneList and TableOneListList.

      The session ejb TableOneList and the model class TableOneList conflict as the package names are not qualified in the source.

      3. In the ejb home classes isWired() method, boolean types are checked with value == 0 which does'nt compile.