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    Seam an JavaScript respectively no JavaScript


      Hello all,

      I just tried to use a seam app without javascript (viz. I unchecked the checkbox in the settings panel in firefox).

      The result wasn't that good, because I could not use my buttons created with <s:button> .. a look at the html source showed that it was rendered as a input with an onClick-method/function. The other stuff is working, so it isn't that bad.

      Is there a list somewhere, what tags are considered harmful ;) and what can be used instead.

      At my students job the peole where impressed, how good the seam apps work and they consider using it for some projects. But the clients are mostly preconfigured and made safe rolling-eyes by disabling scripting, so it would be good to know, if there is even a way to use the whole seam-components and to configure them in some way to not use scripting but only poh (plain old html :).

      It would be nice to hear some thoughts on this before I try convicing someone on using seam.

      Greeting, Pete