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    pageflow + backbuttoning

    jan fryscak Newbie

      hi all,
      I'm using jPDL pageflow and have a problem with backbuttoning, I've got Illegal navigation warning after backbuttoning in browser and clicking any link...I've searched the web and added attribute back=enabled to any page in pageflow.xml...but it doesn't work :( I've found in class Pageflow method validatePageflow this code:

      boolean canReposition = getPage().isBackEnabled() && getSubProcessInstance().getProcessDefinition().getName().equals(pageflowName) && pageflowNodeName!=null; 

      pageflowNodeName is always null, so canReposition is never true...

      any idea?
      thanks miron

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          Keith Naas Novice

          Can you post a copy of one of your page flows?

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            jan fryscak Newbie

            my pageflow looks like this...

            <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
                 <start-page name="overview" view-id="/app/overview.xhtml" back="enabled" redirect="true">
                      <transition name="data_request" to="data_requested_already"></transition>
                      <transition name="org_unit_list" to="org_unit_list_submitted_already"></transition>
                      <transition name="assignment" to="assign">
                           <action expression="#{assign.init}"/>
                      <transition name="output" to="output">
                           <action expression="#{output.init}"/>
                 <page name="data_request" view-id="/app/dataRequest.xhtml" back="enabled" redirect="true">
                      <transition to="overview" name="overview">
                           <action expression="#{dataRequest.sent}"/>
                 <page name="data_import" view-id="/app/dataImport.xhtml" back="enabled" redirect="true">
                      <transition to="data_import_ok" name="data_import_ok">
                           <action expression="#{dataImport.dataImport}"/>
                      <transition to="overview" name="overview"></transition>

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              Keith Naas Novice

              How are you starting the pageflow?  @Begin, @BeginTask or @StartTask or with a begin-conversation element with a pageflow attribute?


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                jan fryscak Newbie

                with begin-conversation in pages.xml

                    <page view-id="/app/overview.xhtml" login-required="true" no-conversation-view-id="/app/overview.xhtml">
                         <begin-conversation join="true" pageflow="pageflow_home"/>

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                  Keith Naas Novice

                  Unfortunately, I have no experience with pageflows. 

                  However, the topic SeamJPDLBeginningAPageflow does reference doing joins on begin conversation and the response from Gavin.

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                    jan fryscak Newbie

                    Thanks for your reply, but it isn't my case...pageflow is started,- it produces the Illegal navigation warning

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                      jan fryscak Newbie

                      Is there really nobody with expirience with pageflows?