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    Seam value is not valid Javassist

    German Otero Newbie

      Hi, i having a problem with seam that is similar to this link below.


      In One to many relations or Many to Many, or simple in a Home (getResultList()). I get a List with


      and, when i have a SelectManyBox, and his converter

      <h:selectManyListbox value="#{campainHome.instance.criterion}" id="areas" size="#{evaluationCriteriaList.resultList.size > 10 ? 10 : evaluationCriteriaList.resultList.size}">
          <s:selectItems value="#{evaluationCriteriaList.resultList}" var="criteria" label="#{criteria.name}" />
          <s:convertEntity />

      So when i submit the page, i get a  value is not Valid sign.