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    How to extend @Restrict expresssion?

    Viktor Rees Newbie

      Similar to the existing Security methods Identity.hasRole() and Identity.hasPermission() I want to add a Identity.hasRight() functionality that takes database based rights for authorisation of methods and pages.

      @Install(precedence = Install.APPLICATION)
      public class RightBasedIdentity extends RuleBasedIdentity 
        private Map<String, AuthorisationRight> authorisationRights = new HashMap<String, AuthorisationRight>();
        public boolean addRight(AuthorisationRight right)
        public boolean hasRight(String rightName)

      This works quite well. The problem is how to extend the @Restrict annotation and user interface usage. The new security method should be used as follow, if possible:


      User Interface:
      <h:outputLink ... rendered="#{s:hasRight('address:change')}"

      I found out that these security methods are defined in class SeamFunctionMapper. Is it possible to adapt this class anyhow and tell seam to to use it?

      Thanks for your help.