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    A few questions and suggestions

    Karl Beowulph Newbie


      I have a few questions and suggestions.

      1) Is there any update as to when (if) Seam will be compatible with Ant 1.7?

      2) Can I ask why double quotes are disabled in forum postings?

      3) On my screen, there is a large gap in some of the pages on this page.  I'm not sure how to add an attachment, but I'm using IE 6.0.29 on Windows XP.  For example, on the 'Seam Forums' page, there is about a half page space between 'You can subscribe to our notification mailing list...' and the start of the table below.

      4) I would advise that the 'Seam In Production' section be cleaned up a bit.  Poor grammar and adult-oriented websites don't generally garner confidence.

      Lastly, keep up the excellent work.  After using Seam for a bit over a month, it's proven to be leaps and bounds beyond what we've been using.