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    Seam and Transactions, what is the best strategy?

    João Bosco Monteiro Newbie

      Hi guys!

      We are developing a system that integrates with legacy systems and other Seam projects. Until now, we have basically 3 DataSources:

      • DS for legacy database

      • DS Authentication and Authorization Module (Seam-based)

      • DS for the main application (Seam-based)

      We intend to run on JBoss AS, so if we use local tx and JTA we must enable multiple last resources, right? But JBoss AS always tells me that this is not safe. I read somewhere that I could enable XA transactions but I am not able to configure this in SQL Server 2005.

      Other alternative could be using Seam managed transactions and not use JTA but as far as I know it is the recommended way.

      So, guys, how do you proceed in situations like this ? Should I use JTA with multiple last resources or use Seam managed transactions, with local tx and transaction type RESOURCE LOCAL ?

      Thanks a lot for the opinions and suggestions.