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    how to reduce startup time of tomcat with seam 2.0

    Martin Rebenstorff Newbie

      Hi all

      since seam 2.0.1 the startup time of my tomcat 6.0 increased dramatically.
      The startup time of my application with seam 1.2.1 was 12 seconds. After migration to seam 2.0.1 my application needs 32 seconds.

      The log configuration is the same. I installed the embedded JBoss http://wiki.jboss.org/wiki/Wiki.jsp?page=Tomcat6.0.x, because my application uses ejb3 session beans.

      What can I do, to reduce the startup time of tomcat?

      Can I configure the embedded JBoss, to start special services only?
      For example I do not need web services or the time service.

      How can I improve the performance of the ejb deployment?

      Thanks a lot!