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    Testing enviroment

    Krunoslav Samardzic Newbie

      I have a project it was not created with seamGen it was started a year ago, so I do not have environment for writing tests, I would like to set it up my self, but it is not that easy because, I have not found  anything in documentation how to setup testing environment if project is not created with seamGen.
      I have made one project with samGen and then tried to copy its testing environment with bootstrap and ..., I have managed to start one simple test it bootstraps OK but it does not installs my components and SFSB-s in Jboss embedded.
      I figured out that in projects generated with seamGen directory test-build is read somehow from Embedded JBoss.
      I have also tried to put my ear in side deploy directory in  Embedded JBoss but it also crashes and it does not look to me  as a very good idea since I only want to test my SFSB-s not the JSP, pageflows...
      So if some one could please explain to me what is the right way to deploy my SFSB-s in Embedded JBoss?

      Thanks in advance Kruno.