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    newbie: how to access enums in webpage

    mars1412 Apprentice

      a webUser has a status field, which is of type WebUserStatus (that's my enum)

      in the page, I want to restrict access, dependant on the status:

      only those 2 methods came to my mind:

      1) create a seam-component, with a function like this

           public WebUserStatus getWebUserStatusByName(String status) {
                return WebUserStatus.valueOf(status);

      and compare this:


      • I have to use hardcoded strings for the enumerations, and a typo will result in a runtime exception

      • here one could argue, that all other EL-expressions on the page are also just dump strings - but those strings will be checked by JBDS and I'll get warnings, errors, code-completion, etc. - but 'ACTIVE' is really just a string where these features cannot work

      2) create one comparefunctin for each status:

      public class Webuser {
         public boolean isActive() {
            return status == WebUserStatus.ACTIVE;
         public boolean isDeactivated() {
            return status == WebUserStatus.DEACTIVED;

      • if I add a new status, I also have to write a new compare function (violates DRY)

      any other options?

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          mars1412 Apprentice

          finally I decided to use a variation of version 2:

          I add one check function for every status on my enum entitiy - seems to be the best compromise for me.

          public enum WebUserStatus {
                  public boolean isRegistered() {
                          return this.equals(REGISTERED);
                  public boolean isDeactivated() {
                          return this.equals(DEACTIVATED);

          so I can use this in my page: