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    For users of JBoss Tools and WTP

    Siarhei Dudzin Apprentice

      Watch out the WTP 2.0.2 update if you use it in combination with Eclipse/JBoss Tools. There is a breaking bug which does not let a seam application to be deployed if jboss-seam.jar is listed as ejb module in application.xml.

      There are two workarounds for that:

      • Downgrade WTP and JST from 2.0.2 to 2.0.1 until a WTP fix comes out

      • Remove jboss-seam.jar from ejb modules list until a WTP fix comes out

      This bug does not have effect if the seam-gen project layout is used as it doesn't use WTP for exploded deployment.

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          Marcus Adair Newbie

          I was affected by this too but found a workaround by following these instructions:


          • Add the user library to the Java build path (Properties-Java Build Path-Libraries-Add Library). This will add a classpath container entry for the user library.

          • Switch to the J2EE Module Dependencies (the Java build path changes must be applied first) and select the J2EE Modules tab.

          • A selection will be visible for the user library classpath container entry just added (will be prefixed by (Classpath))). Select this and click OK (the special dependency attribute will be added to the classpath entry and the value for the attribute will be the special value ../ indicating that the resolved JARs should be added into the parent module at the same location as the web module).

          It worked well for me, and it may even be the technically correct way with WTP. (On the other hand, who can know the mind of WTP? ;-)

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            Siarhei Dudzin Apprentice

            Well yes this is also a workaround, another workaround is just to deploy the library separately via WTP ( I can see it as a separate module in add/remove project dialog).

            However the bug is acknowledged by eclipse... so there is no really correct way with WTP 2.0.2 afaik