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    Another Question on Stateless pagination

    Chad Skinner Newbie

      I have been reading a lot more in the documentation and on various blogs and have run across a post by Gavin King

      Pagination in Hibernate and EJB3

      and a couple of follow-up posts on another blog:

      User Friendly Paging with Seam

      Seam Page Parameter with cutom Validators and Converters

      I guess I am confused about how all of this ties together: the statefull vs stateless conversations. Using this pattern I was able to create a listing of a given object using a stateless session bean and the Page object from Gavin's post. However, I am unable to use the s:link tag in my datatable and pass in the object the user clicks on as a argument to my action method, I am assuming this is due to there being no state to restore the view and so the object is unknown?

      Having stated this what method is reccommended for moving from a stateless listing of items to a stateful conversation   in seam?

      Do most people pass in the id of the object to be edited / viewed and then use another stateless bean to load the entity for viewing?