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    Does seam depend on the hibernate in our app or on the server?

    Daniel Hinojosa Master

      So I am trying to use @CreditCardNumber hibernate validation annotation in a bean, and it doesn't validate.  I have checked the jboss list and I found the following possible solution dating back to July 2007.  This follows a solution in the hibernate forums

      The solution is to update the hibernate libraries in the server/default/lib in your jboss server.  This seems like a poor solution considering that every seam application should be fully isolated and transferable even to a non-jboss server.  I noticed that seam-gen doesn't include any hibernate jars in the ear, or jar archives. 

      I believe that that seam applications should contain it's own hibernate jars and not rely on the underlying application server.  Do you agree with that notion?  Have any of you encountered problems in doing so?