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    Newbie, how declaring read only variables?

    Ldsfsdf GFdsf Newbie


      I am using JBoss5.1.0 with RichFaces. I have a very simple form with an inputText and a progressbar. I am using this Bean.

      public class Bean {
       public String text;
       public Integer pro;
       public Bean() {
       public String getText() {
       return text;
       public void setText(String text) {
       this.text = text;
       if (this.text != null) {
       this.pro = this.text.length();
       public Integer getPro() {
       return pro;
       public void setPro(Integer pro) {
       this.pro = pro;

      My problem is, that I don't want to implement the setPro-Method because it's unnecessary. I guess I have to configure it in faces-config.xml but like I said I don't know how. May anybody give me some advise how to do it?
      Thanks a lot