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    Variable injection issue with web service

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      I have a problem that i've been stuck on for a long time.

      I am using JBoss Developer Studio, and have used the SeamBay example to guide me.

      I am trying to implement a basic web app that allows me to register, login, and perform some actions, along with a web service that exposes some of these actions.

      In terms of the website i have that working fine. However, the web service fails to work once I have logged in.

      For some reason, it does not seem to persist the user variable once logged in (i.e. in the authenticator class). So when I create a certain action that should inject the user variable, it does not seem to do this, and I get a NPE.

      Can anyone explain why it is not injecting correctly when using a web service call, but it works fine in the web site?

      Ive tried to get the SeamBay example working and this seems to fail for me as well

      Any help would be greatly appreciated. Or if you can point me to an example that actually works.