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    Factory method question

    Tim Morgan Newbie


      I have a select box which is filled by a stateless session bean. To be sure the list of select items is not null I use a method with @Factory to get the data from the database in the appropriate member (latestPictureList).

      If I choose one item and proceed with another method of the bean to show details of the selected entry the factory method is called again (even twice) although I don't need this data for the detailed view of the selected element.

      What do I have to change if I only want to query the database when the selectbox is displayed? (I know that @DataModel outjects as well but I think I need it to get the list in the select box or am I wrong?)

      The session bean:

      public class PictureManagerAction implements PictureManager {
      /* ...logger and entity manager injection left out */     
           private List<Picture> latestPictureList;
           public void initLatestPictureList() {
                  Query query = em.createQuery("select p from Picture p").setMaxResults(100);
                  latestPictureList =  query.getResultList();