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    howto skin seam tags

    cyberanto Newbie

      What is the proper procedure to skin e.g. s:decorate?

      Could not see anything in the doc: Seam - Contextual Components.

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          Nicklas Karlsson Master

          Skin? There usually isn't much to see on s:-components. Are you referring to the afterInvalidField facets etc?

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            cyberanto Newbie

            i had not really looked at this very much - most if not all of the skin for s:decorate is obtained from the facelet template the tag refers to, e.g. in a typical project layout/edit.xhtml.

            The facelet in turn refers to CSS defined in stylesheet/theme.css, but e.g. the style prop must be coming from some other place.

            Since the style class is determined by the faclet, it is easy to change of course. So this is where I can skin the output of this particular tag.

            Anything else that I should be aware of?