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    Nestting pageflow

    Marcell Newbie


      How can I nest a pageflow? The current subprocess tag acts more like a include than nestting.


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          Pete Muir Master

          As I understand it, jBPM supports process composition and hence so does pageflow. I don't quite understand your use case, perhaps if you explain more fully what you want, you'll get some help.

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            Marcell Newbie

            Hi Pete,

            In simple, I want my pageflow to run concurrently with the parent. That is because my subflow start-page is going to open in another window. Let me give a example:


              <page name="checkout" view-id="/cart/checkout.xhtml" >
                <transition name="credit" to="creditCard" />
                <transition name="debit" to="debitCard" />
                <transition name="changeAdress" to="changeAdress" />
              <process-state name="creditCard" >
                <sub-process name="creditCardFlow" />
                <transition to="invoice" />


              <s:link action="credit" value="Credit card" target="_blank" />

            I want my creditCardFlow to nest allowing the parent flow to keep going. The way it is, after I click to go at credit card every link at the parent will go to the creditCardFlow current state.

            ps.: I actually do not open in another window (I use a tab view with a4j:page) and the link is not direct as I put in the example, but that is not the problem because changed to page navigation and everything works fine (but I really missing some pageflow functionality).

            pss.: I'm running to another problem latelly. How can I use a pageflow as a subflow and as a result of a initial request? If I use the page-start to handle the initial request I can't use the pageflow as a subflow?

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              Pete Muir Master

              I don't think Seam supports anything like that. I guess you could use nested conversations and start a separate pageflow in the nested conversation. But have a play, and let us know how you get on.

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                Marcell Newbie


                As I said I changed to JSF page navigation. But I really miss functionalities of pageflow.

                I tried lots of things. But my SVN points that the most pomissing one was to step out the pageflow nesting the conversation and starting a new pageflow:

                <s:link value="Credit card" pageflow="creditCardFlow" propagation="nest" target="_blank" />

                but, although it starts the pageflow, it gives Illegal navigation and does not nest the conversation.

                Any hints?