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    What happened to <s:defaultAction>?

    Firat Alagöz Newbie


      what happened to the Seam JSF Tag <s:defaultAction/>?

      I'm using Seam-2.0.1.GA on JBossAS-4.2.2.GA and coding the following

      <h:commandButton id="register" value="Sign up Now!" action="#{registerAction.register}">

      resulted in

      com.sun.facelets.FaceletException: Error Parsing /register.xhtml: Error Traced[line: 63] Element type "h:commandButton" must be followed by either attribute specifications, ">" or "/>".
              at com.sun.facelets.compiler.SAXCompiler.doCompile(SAXCompiler.java:234)
      14:57:02,609 ERROR [STDERR] 27.03.2008 14:57:02 com.sun.facelets.FaceletViewHandler handleRenderException

      There isn't even any context sensitive help for <s:defaultAction/> in JBoss-Tools-2.0.1.GA for Eclipse ...

      Has the tag been removed? Reference Documentation still lists it... Is there any other way to specify the default action?

      F. Alagöz