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    Dynamically updating seam context

    tek no Novice

      Does seam provide any hooks for dynamically updating its context without redeploying everything. For example, if I want to create a new component at runtime. can i add to the seam context somehow? Is it possible to provide seam with a list of classpaths to look for new components?


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          Clint Popetz Apprentice

          Check out the docs for hot deployment without redeploying.

          You can construct Components by instantiating them...there are several constructors that are public, for example:

          Component newComponent = new Component(SomeClass.class,"myComponentName");

          Note that this isn't a documented API, is probably discouraged, and is in general subject to change.  That having been said, it's a lot of fun, will teach you a lot about how Seam works, and can be used for cool tricks (for example, we use it to allow our test cases to use @In to grab DAOs to aid in setting up test scenarios.)  You should take a look at how Init.installComponents, because some component functionality like @Filter and @Autocreate won't work if you don't call some methods in Init.

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            Tom Nichols Newbie

            Actually Component is a documented class in the Seam API, so it is part of the public interface I believe...


            Although those JavaDocs could be better documented.  How does creating a new Component compare to simply creating an object and adding it to a context instance like

            myContext.set( 'bob', myObj );

            When a new instance is added to the context, do @In annotations get processed?