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    Trigger a JSF validator in a SeamTest

    Fredrik Forsberg Newbie

      Hi. I use seam 2.0.1 and have a jsf validator/seam test question.

      Assume I have the following test:

      public class RegisterAccountActionBeanFacesTest extends SeamTest {
           public void testSuccessfulRegistration() throws Exception {
                new FacesRequest() {
                     protected void updateModelValues() {
                          setValue("#{registeraccount.username}", "ErikEriksson");
                     protected void invokeApplication() {
                          assert invokeMethod("#{registeraccount.register}").equals("success");

      It is for testing my method 'register' on the Seam component 'RegisterAccount'.

      I have a validator attached to the inputfield for username. The validator is implemented as a Seam component (not implementing the Validator) with the methodsignature

      public void validateUsername(FacesContext context, UIComponent tovalidate, Object value)

      Can I trigger this validator upon the call of the'register' method in the test? or do I have to assert the validator methods instead of
      the register method (that relies on the fact that the validator does its job)?