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    forward engineer tool from facelet

    System Administrator Expert

      any tools out there that will create SFSB skeleton code for you based on a completed JSF/facelet?

      for example, the setter and getter methods (yes, I know, it's asking for too much, how will the tool know the data-types of the instance variables in the SFSB?)

      I feel like I'm typing a lot of pseudo-boiler-plate code w/o such a tool...

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          Nicklas Karlsson Master

          Of course there might be situations where such a tool could be useful but personally I usually just meet in the middle.

          The application is supposed to do some things regardless of the UI and you can mock up an UI that works for the user and then hook it up.

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            System Administrator Expert

            I have been given a screen mockup, that is all.  In this situation, I had to hand-code boilerplate code for the Local interface, for example (yes, I know that's going away in EJB3.1, but we're not there quite yet).

            So with some sensible defaults, like String and List, or a generator XML guide for the facelet forward engineer tool, the following code would have been mostly generated for me and saved me some time:

            public interface AuditedUsersSearchingLocal
                 public String getSearchPattern();
                 public void search();
                 public String getSelectedSite();
                 public void setSelectedSite(String selectedSite);     
                 public List getSitesList();
                 public String getSelectedAudit();     
                 public void setSelectedAudit(String selectedAudit);      
                 public List getAuditList();
                 public String getIcomsUser();        
                 public void setIcomsUser(String icomsUser);
                 public String selectedDisapprovalType();
                 public void setSelectedDisapprovalType(String selectedDisapprovalType);
                 public List getDisapprovalTypeList();
                 public String getSupervisor();        
                 public void setSupervisor(String supervisor);
                 public void destroy();

            It would be nice if Seam had this functionality as well as placing skeleton code for the method signatures in the local interface into the SFSB/SLSB implementation class.

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              Pete Muir Master

              It's not on the JBoss Tools roadmap. But I'm sure they would accept a contribution of such a tool as long as it is well written.