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    A bug with action attribute on Seam button ?

    Olivier Thierry Apprentice


      I encounter a strange problem using Seam button JSF control. I want my button to call an action with parameters supplied by a ui:repeat. This ui:repeat is itself within a rich:datatable. Below is part of the code :

      <rich:dataTable value="#{listeDemandesAbsenceAValider}" var="task" rendered="#{not empty listeDemandesAbsenceAValider}">
              <ui:repeat value="#{task.transitions}" var="myTransition">
                      value="#{messageUtils.getDynamicMessage('label.demandeAbsence.', myTransition)}"
                      action="#{validationDemandesAbsenceAction.choisirTransitionTache(task.idTache, myTransition)}" />

      The value attribute of my button works perfect. But the action parameter works bad. The variable task.idTache is well resolved, but the myTransition variable always returns an empty string. What is strange is that only one variable of both is not resolved and this variable is well resolved for value attribute !

      I could make it work by replacing s:button with a standard h:commandButton. So I really think this is a bug in Seam button.

      Anyone encountered the same problem ?