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    BackBean Property : Assigning default value from message_xx.prop

    Frederic Nauleau Newbie


      I spent my all day on a form....

        I didn't see anything in the documentation or forum that could solve my problem.
      Or I haven't got enough knowledge to find what I'am looking for...

      I have RichFaces SuggestionBox.

      Instead of having a label outside the inputText,
      I would like to get it IN the input text as default value.

      With Javascript, I will erase it when the user goes in the field. (I have found code that do that)

      My problem is that the input value is connected to a back bean as this

      <h:inputText value="#{myCoolBackBean.myProperty}" />

      If I initialize myProperty attribute with a String value : It's working....

      How, I want that the default value in the internationalisation files (messagesXX.properties...) ?

      Is there a way to initialize the Java attributes with an external string defined in internationalisation files ?

      Hope so...
      If not .... Any idea to do what I want (pre-filled input with auto-erase value)?

      Thanks for your help.