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    jndiPattern mis-configured in examples?

    Stephen Friedrich Novice

      Seam reference:

      Seam lets you place wildcards of the form @wildcard@ in the components.xml file which can be replaced
      either by your Ant build script (at deployment time) or by providing a file named components.
      properties in the classpath (at development time).

      In bookings example the components.xml contains:

          <core:init jndi-pattern="@jndiPattern@" debug="true"/>

      The components.properties contains:

          jndiPattern #{ejbName}/local

      However the correct jndiPattern (for JBoss) would be

          jndiPattern jboss-seam-booking/#{ejbName}/local

      Sure enough when I tried to run the example from my IDE(A) without using ant it failed.
      After correcting the component.properties I was able to directly run/debug without ant.

      Same problem in other examples.

      How comes? Should I file a Jira issue?
      Nobody else ever runs without ant?