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    asaf sh Expert


      I'm having a weird behavior,

      I have a seam stateless EJB bean component that is scoped as CONVERSATION with some properties, something very simple as:

      public class MyCompBean implements MyCompManager {
        String description;

      And s:link tag with


      which redirects to a page with a form that binds an input field to myComp.description:

      this is the page:

      <h:inputText value="#{myComp.description}"/>
      <h:commandButton action="#{myComp.submitData}"/>

      Pressing the link starts a long running conversation as expected and when submitting the form the data is binded to the component just fine.

      Now, after pressing another button with


      I could see that the long running conversation still exist but is not active anymore, this is ok but when redirecting back to to the page above I still see the description field with the data I submitted before attached to the component,

      The weird thing is, even when I logout and re-login, going to the link still shows the old(description property) data,

      'debug.seam' page does not show any long running conversation, I was also making sure that my component has no instances in application scope or session scope
      So where is the old data kept?



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          Damian Harvey Apprentice

          After you log out how are you getting back to the page? Are you clicking the Back button or clicking on a link? It sounds like the behavior you see when clicking a Back button and the browser has kept the value of text fields as it isn't doing a reload.



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            asaf sh Expert


            I am redirecting the page or by pressing the button (which is just a normal link with


            or just hitting the page again,

            Of course I'm not using the back button,


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              asaf sh Expert

              More to say,

              After pressing the button that redirects to the form a new long running conversation is started,

              When I check in debug.seam, I see the new conversation and the component already has all the properties filled up with the old data,

              So for every new conversation that is started, I see the old data within the component attached to the created conversation,

              Weird, isn't it? :-)


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                Pete Muir Master

                I have a seam stateless EJB bean component that is scoped as CONVERSATION with some properties, something very simple as:

                This will cause you all sorts of problems with field data consistency (and others). Read about what @Stateless really means.

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                  asaf sh Expert

                  Weird, I have another class that always worked,

                  Yes, I could figure out that sometimes the stateless bean instance keeps alive for longer time although I was sure it is really stateless :)

                  So what's the best way? this component is annotated as stateless since it is based on many other stateless/stateful beans,
                  so I thought the safest way is to inject EJBs by container,

                  I can use initialContext in order to use EJBs but it's less comfortable and less elegant,

                  What are my other options? I can make the component a normal POJO , make all EJBs seam components and inject all the EJBs via @In but I'm not sure it is safe enough to inject many stateless/stateful EJBs that way, is it?

                  What's the best from both options? or there's a better approach?

                  Many thanks,