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    FilterChain, SeamFilter and very large List

    Matthias Hüller Newbie

      When I fill a list with quite a lot of objects (100000 - 200000) and then try to link to another JSF page I observe quite a strange behaviour.

      The performance is fine until I try to link to this other JSP page - but then the execution time of javax.servlet.FilterChain.doFilter is between 200 - 500 seconds.

      Here's is my method:

      public String startSearch() {
       timeDeposits = new LinkedList<TimeDeposit>();
       String sql = "SELECT * FROM TIMEDEPOSIT" 
       Query query = entityManager.createNativeQuery(sql);
       List<Object> list = (List) query.getResultList(); // 100000-200000 results
       if (list.size() > 0) {
        timeDeposit.setAccountNumber((BigDecimal) row[0]);
        timeDeposit.setCustomerNumber((BigDecimal) row[1]);
       // Until this line performance is fine
       return "data.xhtml"; // javax.servlet.FilterChain.doFilter() seems to get out of control ;-)

      Two screenshots of JProfiler to visualize this problem:



      What does this FilterChain/SeamFilter do? Why is the execution time that long? When I fill the List with less objects (1000) I don’t get this problem.

      Thanks :-)