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    Need Help with Single Page Seam App and Conversations.

    Burt Prior Newbie

      Hi Seam Team,

      I was wondering if I could ask for some advice on how to implement my 'single page' Seam app.  Our team is at a bit of a loss on the best way to proceed.

      It's basically a single page Seam Richfaces CRUD application, with a dataTable list of Items to select on the left, (a single Item is always selected) the properties for that selected item on the right (ex: name, contact, etc), and a input to create a brand new Item, add it to and refresh the list, and then select that recently added Item for possible editing.

      When your navagating thru the list, the properties change for that Item on the right, and you may, or may not, edit its properties (ex: #{item.name} ).
      We actually have the application working with a single (CONVERSATION scoped) SFSB implementing the action listener methods, and entities for the properties.

      The issue we face is that it doesn't implement our application logic as its conversationally scoped.  For example, if your navigating the clickable dataTable, and the properties are displayed, you may/may not edit them; so where does the CONVERSATION start and end?  If the conversation starts when you select an item, when does it end if your always on the same page?

      I think what we need help with is that we are trying to demarcate our application logic (as above) with @Begin and @End on various methods such as 'add item', 'edit item', 'select item', but CONVERSATIONS don't seem a good fit for single page SEAM/RichFaces app like ours.

      Could I ask for your advice on whether we should continue with this 'CONVERSATION'al approach (as in the 'booking' example) or is Seam Remoting a better answer for a single page SEAM and Richfaces app?

      Thanks very much for your time,