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    TinyMCE integration

    Paul Thorp Newbie

      I have added the TinyMCE rich text editor to my seam project and it works very well.

      However, I would like to process the saving of this component with an ajax call to my Bean using an a4j:commandLink, rather than using the h:commandLink, but this doesn't seem to work properly and the value is never populated on the backend.

      I have tried to process updates on the component, but this doesn't help.

      Has anyone experienced this or able to offer help?

      Cheers Paul

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          John Ament Master

          Are you using facelets or JSP?  How did you define your control, and did you try adding an a4j eventlistener?

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            Paul Thorp Newbie

            Hi, thanks for your reply.

            I am using facelets and I had tried using listeners, but the value of my h:inputTextarea was always null no matter what I tried.

            I have now solved the problem however and it seems so obvious now I've fixed it.  I noticed that if the TinyMCE was running mode="none", i.e. a normal textarea, then the ajax submit was fine and it was only a problem if I used mode="textareas"

            When using mode="textareas", I believe, TinyMCE replaces my text area with an iframe containing the editor and therefore the value of my original textarea wasn't being updated when using an ajax submit.

            So, I now run a javascript call to reset my textarea value before I perform the submission of the ajax event.

            Heres my test example:

                  <script type="text/javascript">
                    function updateContent() {
                      document.getElementById("richEditorForm:contentEditor").value = tinyMCE.activeEditor.getContent({format : 'raw'});
                  <h:inputTextarea id="contentEditor" value="#{tinyMCEEditor.content}" styleClass="richEditor" />
                  <a4j:commandButton value="save" action="#{tinyMCEEditor.save}">
                    <a4j:support event="onclick" onsubmit="updateContent();" />

            Cheers, Paul