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    Reload View on method call

    Daniel Wachter Newbie

      Hello Together

      I have a view of Objects, which I can edit via a link that opens a popup window.

      Is it possible to reload the view of objects if I for example add some notes via an method call of the popup window?

      Or is the only way to work with a a4j:poll component?

      Regards Daniel

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          James Kelly Newbie

          Rather than polling on the page that opens the pop-up, I've added a a4j:jsFunction to the main page and then called it from the pop-up via plain-old javascript.

          For example,

          function notifyParent(){

          Assign an oncomplete method to the jsFunction which actually closes your pop-up. This will ensure 1) yourJSFunction gets called and 2) the data on the opening page is updated before your pop-up closes.

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            Daniel Wachter Newbie

            Hello James

            Thank you for your hint.

            Is it possible to trigger the edit function for completing before call the javascript. Sometimes I have the problem, that the update in the db isn't already inserted if the javascript for reload is called.

            I can add a timeout, but I think there must be a better way!
            Or can I call a refresh from the backin bean?


            ps: I make the refresh via


            so i don't need a a4j:jsfunction on the main screen