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    more foreach stuff - performance

    Florian Bantner Newbie

      Hello again,

      since foreach now (nearly) works as expected there is another issue which trouble me:

      Following code:

      <c:forEach items="handler.getList()" var="item">

      results in multiple calls to handler.getList(). In this example these are: handler.getList()...getTitle(), handler.getList()...getTeaser(), hander.getList()...getXyz()

      I guess ... stands for some index access to the list ( get(0), get(1), get(2), etc.).

      The resulting amount of calls to handler.getList() is therefore the number of list entries x number of accesses to an list member.

      In my case this are about 50x40 equals 2000 per page. Which in turn means 2000 in-/outjection circles, list accesses, method calls, etc.

      What makes that even worse is that my getList() method generates the list depending on context variables every time the method is called.

      I could implement some kind of caching. But it would be better, if there was some way of simply reducing this mess to only one call.

      I've tried using c:set but with no change in behaviour.

      Does anyone have a solution for that?

      Thank you very much.