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    Breadcrumb path in Seam

    Adrien FERIAL Newbie


      I'd like to add a breadcrumb path on the top of my webapp. For those who don't know what is a breadcrumb, just have a look to the path on the top of this topic :
      Community > Forums > Seam Users > ...

      In my webapp, this breadcrumb path is not static, it must be dynamic since a web page could be accessed in several ways.

      I already have a solution using a breadcrumb backing bean which contains a navigation stack. In the pages.xml file, I launch a function in this backing bean to push the new page on the top of the navigation stack.
      My webapp is composed of several directories. If the user is in the directory A and click on a page of the directory B, using a menu item, the navigation stack is pop and the new page is added to the breadcrumb.

      The problem is that I'm not satisfied with this solution. Indeed, I can't make a page bookmarkable because the navigation stack doesn't appear in the URL link of the page.

      Do you have any idea for a simple solution to implement breadcrumb path in a webapp? Maybe using the conversation context to switch from a directory to an other?

      Any help would be very appreciated!!