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    javax.faces.ViewState is Huge

    Rajesh Advani Newbie


      I'm using Seam 1.2.1GA with the bundled implementation of Myfaces (1.1.4) and Facelets. My problem is that when my pages are rendered, I get HUGE jsftree64 and jsfstate64 hidden field (from 80kb to 200kb!), which makes my pages very heavy. There are a couple of places where my pages need 2-3 different forms (because of the way the pages are fragmented, and those pages end up being almost 600kb large! Without these fields, the page is only 15kb.

      I've tried using MyFaces 1.1.5, MyFaces 1.2.2 and JSF-RI 1.2. The only difference with all these three is the standardized name of the hidden field: javax.faces.ViewState

      Is there some way I can reduce this field to a more acceptable size?