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    Seam based portlets (design question)

    Vinicius Carvalho Newbie

      Hello there! We are building our portal project (using jboss portal of course ;) ) and a bunch of custom portlets. So far I've decided to use JSF and EJB3 for the portlets, but then inspiration hit me and I've asked my self: why not seam.
      So we are very excited about using seam, but I have a few questions yet to be answered before we dive into it:

      We need each portlet to be an almost self contained app (almost, because we are going to rely on some base infra-structure classes we are going to have for all portlets). So the first idea was to have one EAR for each portlet, but that seemed too much overkill (I'm imagining my app server with 25 ears...) So we thought about wrapping them inside one single ear. This way I should have something like this:

      ... and so on...

      My question is: since components.xml is located inside WEB-INF (or am I just plain wrong here), should I have one components.xml for each web app? What if I need a common component for all the war files? Is this possible?

      Any suggestion on the best design would be much appreciated.

      Best regards