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    s:link propagation="end"

    Bogdan Toma Newbie

      Hi all,
      I'm newbie with Seam framework and I've got into some troubles. I'm trying to do a navigation from a richfaces menu like this.

      <rich:menuItem submitMode="none">
          <s:link value="#{messages['menu.assets.addAsset']}"
           view="/asset/editAsset.xhtml"        action="#{editAsset.add()}" propagation="end" />
      <rich:menuItem submitMode="none">
          <s:link value="#{messages['menu.tasks.addTask']}"
           view="/task/editTask.xhtml" action="#{editTask.add()}"
           propagation="end" />

      Both functions  editAsset.add() and editTask.add() are marked with @Begin annotation for starting  a new conversation.

      a. when I go for in the first menu a new conversation is started.

      b. then at one point I'm trying to go to second menu option.

      c. everything works no exceptions, but when I look in seam's
      debug (


      ) I see that : conversation id is the same and all objects from the first conversation plus the objects from the second menu option are saved in this conversation context.

      Am I missing something here ? How do I've get rid off the objects from the first conversation ? Is this possible from s:link ?