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    XML Parsing Error: undefined entity

    Eric H Novice

      Hello Seam experts,

      I've created an XHTML page which uses some nbsp references.  This didn't work.  I got rid of them all, changing them to   references.  This should work, but when I view it in FireFox, I get: XML Parsing Error: undefined entity.

      It works fine in IE, but I certainly don't want to create an IE-only site.

      I carefully check the file, everything it includes, and every JS it includes, and couldn't find any remaining nbsp entries.

      In fact, the file can be viewed here:

      Firefox doesn't display

      Any ideas on this?  I've run into this a few other times on some other pages, but I don't totally understand what is needed to solve this.


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          Eric H Novice

          Ah, that was weird.  I solved it.  I changed the doctype from loose to strict.

          You would think, intuitively, that strict would be stricter than loose, but apparently this is not the case.  Loose results in entity numbers being converted to entity names, which breaks FF.  Strict results in entity numbers staying as numbers which is what I want.

          Now I'll remember that: use strict.