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    Processing an XML request body with Seam?

    Eric H Novice

      If I have a client that wants to send an XML message to my server, is there a way I can have a Seam component receive those messages, so I can then parse them with xpath?

      I realize that Seam has good SOAP support, but getting SOAP to work with different external systems can be a nightmare or flat-out impossible.  For example, I spent a few days trying to get a PHP SOAP client to talk to a Seam web service, and it wasn't possible.  It's easier to just not use it, and instead to parse XML files with DOM and xpath.

      So, is there a reasonable way to do this within Seam?

      It's a shame that SOAP is so difficult to work with.  It seems like a good idea but getting clients and servers to use the same SOAP is beyond difficult sometimes.