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    Combining stateful and stateless navigation

    Carsten T Newbie

      I plan to build a web page with a page flow for data input. This page flow is enormous and contains about 50 diferent pages with forms for the input. Normally only a specific path of pages are displayed in an instance of data input, depending on the actual user input.

      For this case I wanted to use the jPDL notation to extract the decicions relate to process logic. In the navigation model with jsf or seam navigation rules I miss the decision-node to access the user input and values of other business data.

      My problem is: my page flow not only allows the user to go the next form. It should be possible to go to the last view with an back button and additionally to navigate directly to a choice of distinctive data entry points on the flow and continue with the data entry on that state. Now my question is: How can I integrate the addition navigation features in the jPDL process? Or should I use the simple navigation rules instead? But how can I extract the process related decisions in this case?