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    Map iteration with commandbutton behavior

    Daniel Wachter Newbie


      I thougt I make better a new tread, as reply to a older one...

      We have some problems with iterating over a map which includes a list.


      private LinkedHashMap<DysfunctionDescription, List<Alert>> groupedActiveAlerts;


      <ui:repeat var="map" value="#{groupedActiveAlerts}">
        Label: #{map.key.label}
          <h:dataTable value="#{map.value}" var="alert">
              <h:commandButton action="#{alertAction.testMe}" value="#{alert.ID}" />

      The iteration itself is not a problem, the buttons are displayed without any problem. The problem now is, that the button inside the datatable doesn't work! The function testMe() isn't called. There is now method call!

      If I implement the same scenario with a list instead a map (e.g. a list of objects, that holds a list of other objects) this works, the method is called without any problems!

      Is this a bug, or is it not possible to implement it like this?

      Regards Daniel