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    Integrating a 3rd-party-framework into Seam

    Daniel Lichtenberger Newbie

      Dear Seam Community,

      I'm working on integrating the [fleXive] Java EE framework into Seam (2.0) applications. It consists of a EJB3 core and a set of JSF/Facelets components for rendering.

      I got it working by copying the JAR libraries into the exploded-archives directory and modifying the deployment descriptors (application.xml, web.xml). The JSF components integrate flawlessly into existing Seam pages.

      My question: Is there a more elegant way of integrating 3rd-party-libraries into Seam applications? I'm not very familiar with the Seam application build process, but I suspect that the exploded-archives folder will be cleaned on full rebuilds.


      Daniel Lichtenberger

      [fleXive] core developer



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