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    Hint required: contexts and undo

    Giampaolo tomassoni Newbie

      What is the reference pattern to undo user changes when extended transaction are around (like in Seam) and thereby business objects are never detached?

      When a form in a context changes some fields in a business object (like a db entity, in example), the change takes place immediately and not when a em.persist(...) or em.merge(...) is invoked. I was used to rely on the need for a persist/merge invocation in order to allow undo any change made by user if he/she changed his/her mind right before committing the whole transaction (in example, he/she closes the browser window right before clicking the big are you shure to commit? red button).

      With extended transactions this is not possible because entities are never detached. I could store in the seam context a copy of the original objects and let forms play with them instead of the live entities, but this is going to be quite a pain because I should make a shadow copy of most of the entities I have.

      Is there any simpler pattern to follow for undo?