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    New to jboss Seam Help needed

    Sameer Gijare Newbie

      Hi All

           I am new to Jboss Seam and want to use it to develop a UI Application.I don't know JSF.Can I start reading Jboss Seam tutorials without knowing JSF.Is JSF prerequisite for learning Jboss Seam.

      Thanks for help in advance

      -Sameer Gijare

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          Stephane DUCAS Newbie


          I think if you develop Web application with seam you should know JSF as it's the only real UI technology integrated with seam.

          If you really can't use JSF and think seam would still be valuable in your application you try to use SeamServletFilter so you should be able to lookup seam components (however I've never tryed it without a JSF application in the same war as the Servlet)...