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    jBPM web console

    Brett Anthoine Newbie


      Is it possible to use the jbpm web console to debug in seam ? I can't seem to deploy jbpm-web-console.war on the same jboss AS if seam is deployed.

      Anyone succeeded in making them work together ?

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          Pieter Martin Novice


          Yes we are using the jbpm console together with Seam. You have to stuff around a bit with the datasource inside the war to point to your db. We also run their scripts (in the bpm download) to create the db and initialize the data. Also you have to add some jaas config stuff in login-config.xml to be able to login to the console.

              <application-policy name = "jbpm">
                   <login-module code="org.jboss.security.auth.spi.DatabaseServerLoginModule"
                     <module-option name="dsJndiName">java:/VirginDS</module-option>
                     <module-option name="principalsQuery">
                     <module-option name="rolesQuery">
                       SELECT g.NAME_ ,'Roles'
                       FROM JBPM_ID_USER u,
                            JBPM_ID_MEMBERSHIP m,
                            JBPM_ID_GROUP g
                       WHERE g.TYPE_='security-role'
                         AND m.GROUP_ = g.ID_
                         AND m.USER_ = u.ID_
                         AND u.NAME_=?

          Hope it helps


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            Brett Anthoine Newbie

            Thank you for your answer.

            I'm a bit discouraged, especially after reading this blog:

            Seam and jbpm

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              Ronald van Kuijk Apprentice

              The jBPM console works fine under JBoss 4.2.x when you start from the source and build for the 4.2.x target or manually adapt the war. This is all mentioned by the wiki page

              I know I'm a bit biased, but believe me, it does work, certainly under JBoss.

              If it does not, please post any errors in the jBPM user forum btw, we are working to make the jBPM web console Seam based, so anyone wanting to help out let us know

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                Brett Anthoine Newbie

                Thanks !

                I now successfully deployed the console and it could read the process deployed by seam.

                However, I don't have any process image, do you know how to add an image to a process definition that is already persisted ?

                What would be the best practice ? Deploy process definition with seam or with the web console ?

                Furthermore, it is unclear to me if I can use the @CreateProcess in  seam if my process was deployed outside the seam application...

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                  Ronald van Kuijk Apprentice

                  sorry for the delayed response, I do not read this forum all the time and the rss feed is kind of useless (to me at least)

                  Adding an image to an already deployed process is kind of difficult. Deploying the process with the console is an option that also prevents Seam from redeploying it at each startup. @CreateProcess should still work

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                    andres hurtado Newbie
                    Do you have the right configuration to make that seam read the processes only from the database?
                    I think from the soa perspective, that the bpm deployed should be deployed once: in the jbpm repository metadata, and to have a declaration in components.xml to mark that the resource is in the database, i.e:

                      <value use-db-repo="JbpmDS">ProcessId</value>

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                      Andre Fernando Salvati Novice

                      Karl Robertson wrote on Apr 16, 2008 17:13:

                      What would be the best practice ? Deploy process definition with seam or with the web console ?

                      Deploy with Seam still results Process Image Not Available message on jBPM console.

                      Should I open a JIRA as recommended by Ronald on this topic?!?


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                        Ronald van Kuijk Apprentice

                        It's up to you. Keep in mind that deploying from within seam is still seen as good for development, but not for production.

                        Otoh, for jBPM 4 there is work going on to make a real jboss deployer, so putting a .par file (jbpm processdefinition, image and resources/classes in a zip format file) in the deploy dir will get it deployed. Including 'versioning' so instead of referencing a .xml file from a seam config file, in the future you just include this .par file in your war or ear.


                        see also http://relative-order.blogspot.com/2009/03/rfc-process-deployment-use-cases.html

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                          Andre Fernando Salvati Novice

                          Ok Ronald,

                          Let's wait for the first Seam's release compatible with jBPM4 (Seam 3.0 I suppose).