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    listShuttle and @In

    Paul Pantages Novice

      seamversion: 2.0.1.GA
      version: 3.1.4.GA

      Hello Forum,

      I have an odd problem with listShuttle, when I use @In/Out on the value of
      the sourceValue. I am going to cross-post this to richfaces-users forum also.

      When moving values back from the targetValue to sourceValue, I would get
      a validation error something like this:

      2008-04-07 18:59:13,399 INFO  [http-] javax.enterprise.resource.webcontainer.jsf.lifecycle
      WARNING: FacesMessage(s) have been enqueued, but may not have been displayed.
      sourceId=j_id30:j_id286[severity=(ERROR 2), summary=(j_id30:j_id286: Validation Error: Value All is not valid), detail=(j_id30:j_id286: Validation Error: Value All is not valid)]

      The root of it all was that, when I submit my form, richfaces fails to
      write the value of sourceValue. I verified this by putting
      printlns in the setter for sourceValue, and I can see that ths setter is not called
      when the form is submitted.

      However, if I drop the @In/@Out and just use conventional getter/setter
      in my @Local interface, the problem goes away.

      The thing is, I have other listShuttle objects, where I use @Out/In w/o any problems.
      I cannot find any difference between the implementation of this and the other cases.
      Believe me, I looked.

      My backing bean is a SFSB, CONVERSATION scope.

      Someone once posted a question asking if there was a limit on the
      number of Seam components one may define.  This was never answered in
      the forum. I have about 190, and thought I might be running into some
      limit or something? I kind of doubt this, but I would like to take
      this off the table as a possiblity.

      Any other ideas as to what the problem might actually be would be
      greatly appreciated, as I am completely stumped at this point.

      Original Code: (doesn't work)

      private List<AlarmSuppressionPolicy> availableAlarmSuppressionPolicies;
         sourceCaptionLabel="Available Policies"
         targetCaptionLabel="Enforced Policies"
         removeAllControlLabel="Remove all policies"
         removeControlLabel="Remove policy"
         copyControlLabel="Add policy"
         copyAllControlLabel="Add all policies"
         <rich:column sortable="false">
            <f:facet name="header">
            <h:outputText value="#{row['name']}"/>

      New Code (works)

          public List<AlarmSuppressionPolicy> getAlarmSuppressionPolicies() {
              return this.alarmSuppressionPolicies;
          public void setAlarmSuppressionPolicies( List<AlarmSuppressionPolicy> alarmSuppressionPolicies ) {
              this.alarmSuppressionPolicies = alarmSuppressionPolicies;