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    ICEfaces-Seam integration

    judy guglielmin Novice

      ICEfaces 1.7.0 final release has been made available Monday, April 14th, 2008.  This release includes new components

      • popup/context menu 

      • portlet component

      • rich text editor

      • media player

      • popup/tooltip panel

      • divider panel

      • google maps component

      • enhancements to data table component for row and column grouping

      • xhtml compliance

      • numerous enhancements to existing components

      • new theme

      To check out the new components on-line see component showcase

      The new seam-comp-showcase bundle is available from the download page  and includes targets for various applications servers including jboss-portal and Liferay/Glassfishv2.
      The sample application seam-auctionMonitor is also available for download and is a simplified version of the ICEFaces auctionMonitor application illustrating the ajax-push capability of ICEfaces.