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    RollbackInterceptor and third party classes


      I have a third-party class in a jar which I wrap as a component with <component> in components.xml.  That class is known to throw an unchecked exception in certain cases, which I want to catch and ignore, because the operation in question is optional.  But the RollbackInterceptor will mark the active transaction as rollbackOnly before I catch the exception.

      I have two issues with this behavior:

      • I can't annotate this third party class with @ApplicationException in order to prevent the rollback, and there is no way through xml to specify this behavior on the <component> element.

      • Doesn't it make sense for RollbackInterceptor to only intercept components that are marked as @Transactional?  I think an exception in a component that isn't annotated @Transactional, even if a transaction is active, shouldn't abort the transaction unless it propagates out of a @Transactional component.

      I'm interested in everyone's thoughts on this.

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          I think the ability to indicate an existing/third-party exception should be treated as an ApplicationException is important.

          Seam is already doing this for Converter and Validator exceptions:


             private boolean isSystemException(Exception e, boolean isJavaBean, Class<? extends Exception> clazz)
                return isJavaBean && 
                      (e instanceof RuntimeException) && 
                      !clazz.isAnnotationPresent(APPLICATION_EXCEPTION) && 
                      !clazz.isAnnotationPresent(ApplicationException.class) &&
                      //TODO: this is hackish, maybe just turn off RollackInterceptor for @Converter/@Validator components
                      !JSF.VALIDATOR_EXCEPTION.isInstance(e) &&

          I think this should be generalized.

          Maybe it could be folded into existing exception handling blocks in pages.xml:

              <exception class="javax.faces.ValidatorException" is-application-exception="true"/>


              <exception class="javax.faces.ValidatorException">

          Your second point seems reasonable to me, but I'm not experienced with transaction management.

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